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Advertising and Promoting Holiday Deals

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Dear Visitor, if you're involved in the tourist industry then you are probably familiar with the following story: There were two neighbours. One of them filled his capacity with guests while the other hardly achieved full bookings for July and August! You're well aware of the fact that if you've built a house, hotel, or restaurant or are offering additional deals (e.g. excursions or sporting activities) you still won't get tourists and guests rushing to make bookings.

The key is investing in the quality of premises and holiday deals, development and maintenance of premises and marketing. In the business world, it's clear that in order to gain 200 kuna you must invest 100 kuna.

If we look at the problem objectively, we can see that formulating a holiday deal for any segment is difficult, especially in financial terms. How do then decide to invest and where to do it? What type of investment will return the greatest profit?

Fortunately, we're now experiencing favourable conditions for the development of tourism in Croatia. People are increasingly from all over the world discovering our country for the first time and coming back. Croatia is currently a hit. International agencies and television stations are competing to present Croatia as the better and more beautiful tourist destination with attractions such as Dubrovnik, Dalmatia, Istra and Plitvička jezera. Croatia is proclaimed as one of the most desirable countries in the world. The rich and famous visit Croatia and many people would like to be take part in the Adriatic summer magic and Mediterranean charm.

Even though Croatia is been advertised and has received many praises in recent years, there is still much to do in order to achieve high standards of quality. However, this is excellent news for tourist employees because a positive growth in Croatian tourism offers new areas for necessary development and at the same time reducing investment risk.

Recognising the best path for investment is a question of resourcefulness and adaptability, which includes adjusting to trends, to the habits of the guests, to ecological standards, tax regimes and other parameters influencing your business. The greatest success is achieved by those who adapt the quickest with the ability to forecast trends.

Internet and other communication systems offering direct and easy access to information (GSM, GPRS, UMTS) are part of the modern trend with the quickest growth. Investing in internet advertising and promotion is your ticket to the modern information system including following the trends greatly influencing the tourist industry. With good reason, you can consider investing in a similar manner (to a larger or smaller extent, at one or numerous web sites) and ask yourself the following question:

What will investing in tourist promotion using the Miracolina package mean for me?

Investing in internet promotion is a lot better than utilising classical advertising methods (TV, newspapers, radio). Good quality promotion being an important component in marketing has become accessible to smaller companies, while large multinational companies also have their share of interest in the internet. Investment in advertising at is negligible in investment terms when compared to the total investment necessary in developing and maintaining tourist deals. Investment entails presenting and maintaining a presence at a web site known in modern media as the internet. Your business achieves added stability: a certain number of requests and visitors on whom you can count since we're faced with a continual and stable growth of interest (number of visitors) searching for various information and holiday deals such as accommodation, camps, hotels, restaurants, households involved in agritourism, pictures, data, and statistics, just to name a few. Decide for yourself what you consider the secure limit to be and whether it meets your needs. However, once you've made your decision, experience has shown that the scale increases or remains at the same level.
When monitoring the movements and preferences of our visitors using visitor statistics, we are faced with the fact that we are often not able to reply to the demands of so many international visitors in terms of the range and variety of deals. One of the goals in constructing the web site and part of our mission is to overcome this situation.

The benefits of advertising at are:
  • Small contribution ( prices ).
  • Good return of investment (value for money). Some of our clients receive bookings for the major part of their capacity through us. All clients receive benefits in advertising with some achieving an exceptional ROI (return on investment). We believe that a 10% return of investment is very acceptable. Once again, we stress that many of our clients receive a significantly greater return.
  • The ability to customise: design the advertisement based on your needs and financial possibilities. Pay for what you get. Equip the advertisement with graphics and text based on your desire. Here, we place no limitations.
  • A constant effort in promoting via the internet allows you to attract even more visitors thereby advertising your deal (see example).
  • A continual effort to improve the web site, quality of information and technical possibilities.
  • Introducing new possibilities and benefits for the advertiser.
  • Our web site is still at an infant stage even though very successful. The full potential is still to come. Therefore, there remains much room for development. Expanding the site is continuing.
  • Your advert is a small web within the portal, which consists of a personalised home page and simple address, eg. These features allow you to advertise your web address in catalogues or somewhere else on the web. This is included in the advertising price, even though you don't have your own personal web site. Web construction is expensive and demands a yearly hosting fee. We're certain that advertising at is much more profitable than constructing a personal web site. We believe that the ideal combination is to include two variants: a web at and an additional presence on the web.
  • Yearly visitor rate comprises of approx. 1.000,000 unique visits
  • Enquiries sent through our e-mail services:
    2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
    1500 3600 6700 18300 23700 28900
    Many enquiries remained unaccounted for due to an insufficient advert capacity on our web site, so ADVERTISE YOUR CAPACITIES!

The advertising package you choose does not offer a recipe and solution based on a magic-wand principle, where you invest a minimum and in return make a small fortune. It's possible but it's not the usual rule. The Miracolina solution for the tourist industry offers real economic gains in terms of your return on investment. Accomplishing this task is our goal, vision and mission. If you're now ready to begin advertising, fill out the questionnaire or contact us directly by phone.



Prices for Advertising at

You can advertise general holiday deals and services at the web portal under the following conditions:

  • Renting an advertising presence is carried out on a per premises basis for a year or more
  • Alongside the premises, you can publicise a selected number of adverts: eg. for the private accommodation premises you can advertise 2 apartments and 3 rooms. It is also possible to advertise additional deals, general information pages and so on
  • Advertising prices depend on the selected service and the number of adverts for the premises
MiniWEB package: Catalogue advertisement and a personal web site on the histrica web portal

This package consists of: (see the Agropansion Partner, Barban example)

  • Picture of the premises and advertisement (photography not included in the price)
  • Formatting basic owner details (telephone, address, email etc) and general information relating to the premises and the advertisements (furnishings; distance from the sea, centre, restaurants and other interesting spots; prices, etc)
  • Description of premises using freely chosen articles: we recommend that you use this to your advantage since it will contribute to the guests' awareness and make choosing a lot easier (the service is included in the price, writing the article and doing translations are charged)
  • For larger adverts offering more better search results from our database, for premises belonging to the same level of quality
  • Reduced main menu on the web portal, dominated by your advertisement links and other advertisements (e.g. turn your attention to me on the left side where the advertisement description is located). Consequently, the visitor will be led to spend more time on your web site
  • Direct searching, the possibility that the premises be found directly using a search engine (eg. Google) and using the appropriate terms (eg. Apartmani Rovinj or unterkunft Pula) using an optimised textual description
  • Area map showing the location of the premises
Advertising the premises using an advertisement with 6 photos included (eg. 1 photo of the premises and 5 of the inside or depending on choice) 240,00Kn 60,00Kn 300,00Kn
Every additional advertising, accommodation or general unit, includes 4 pictures for two years 100,00Kn 25,00Kn 125,00Kn
Photography 400,00Kn 100,00Kn 500,00Kn

* Prices for hotels and camps are identical, but for the period of one year, due their great demand and popularity, with much less competition in terms of number of advertised premises. These prices are also valid for private accommodation, restaurants, sporting activities and so on.

MaxiWEB package: advertisement with a larger web presence

The MaxiWeb package includes the MiniWeb package plus:

a) Personalised web domain, eg.
b) Three email addresses of type [email protected]

See the examples, advertisement at, advertisement on your personal domain

Personal web domain, hosting plus email for one year 300,00Kn 75,00Kn 375,00Kn
Registration of commercial domain for one year (.com, net etc) 80,00Kn 20,00Kn 100,00Kn
Registration of .hr domain (must be a registered company or trade) 0,00Kn 0,00Kn 0,00Kn
Additional services
Writing up the article (based on a card consisting of 1000 characters) 300,00Kn 75,00Kn 375,00Kn
Translation of text (based on a card consisting of 1000 characters) 120,00Kn 30,00Kn 150,00Kn
Photography 400,00Kn 100,00Kn 500,00Kn

You can write up the article and translate it yourself (unlimited amount of text). Your costs in publishing the article and the advertisement amount to 0kn. In other words, publishing the article is included in the price of the advertisement.



Fill-out the info questionnaire and our representative will contact you
Your name and surname:
Telephone number:
Contact me by: telephone email
Type of advertisement (hotel, private accommodation, sport or similar):
Additional comments:


P.S. Everyone advertising may request an advertisement with the same or better quality than already stated. The only question remaining is preparing the quality content (pictures and articles). In financial terms, you'll be spending the same amount!

Miracolina Tourism WebAdvertising 3 easy steps !

1 Advertise !

Miracolina Tourism WebAdvertising

2. Make a booking !

Miracolina Tourism WebAdvertising

3. Make a profit !

Miracolina Tourism WebAdvertising

"We are pleased with the number of enquiries that we got thanks to advertising on your portal."

Villa Mihaela

"Dear Visitor!
Hotel Villa Annette has been advertised on more than 15 sites. However, most enquiries come from It's evident that key words have been appropriately chosen and set in the search engine resulting in increasingly more people visiting the site everyday.
Thank you for the success."
Persic V.

Villa Annette
Hotel & Restaurant
Raška 24, Rabac 52221, HR
tel.+385 52 884222
fax.+385 52 884225
cel + 385 98 219756

Miracolina Tourism WebAdvertising Premium Product

"Dear Sir/Madam
We're pleased with the presentation on your web site and anticipate that our good business relationship will become even better.
Hearty greetings and thanks."
Rita Fernetich

Hotel San Rocco

"We first advertised our apartments in May of this year. To our great surprise and satisfaction, even though we began advertising the apartments reasonably late, we gained more than 50% of our guests via the web portal. We anticipate and believe than our successful cooperation with the histrica portal will continue to the mutual satisfaction of both parties." Edvard Mejda

Villa Canaria
Pješčana uvala

"Collaboration with the web portal began this summer with a recommendation from our friends. We had scores of enquiries. Ten of these have become actual clients, and when taking into consideration that advertising was exceptionally well priced, we're more than satisfied." Obitelj Mišan

Apartments Patrik
Pješčana uvala

"We have maintained a presence on the web portal since it was started up two years ago. Even though we didn't advertise the email address but only the telephone number, we're exceptionally well satisfied with the number of booked overnight stays" Rino

Stara Istarska Hiža

"Having previously hired a few agencies, we decided two years ago to advertise agritourism and our vacation house on the portal. We're satisfied with the results and a majority of our guests who had chosen accommodation we're happy to try out the various Istar specialties offered by us in our tavern Sia near Vodnjan." Božac Sandra

Agroturizam Sia

"We're happy with the number of enquiries and bookings. This is our first year but we intend to continue the business relationship in the future." Darko Filić

Apartments Filic

"This is our first year with the portal and we've had numerous enquiries some of which resulted in bookings, so we're happy for the moment."

Pansion Nostromo

"We must emphasise, besides the fact that your portal has "invigorated" our existing offer, we dare to say that it is one of the most interesting and most informative in Istra, and your ability to update and your personal effort were just one of the many reasons for continuing to do business with you...
Naturally, as a motel and importantly, based on the opinions of our guests who use your portal and completed reservations for motel accommodation, you offer very clear, actual and important information, with easy viewing and legibile offers...
We're happy to have the opportunity to continue doing business with you into the coming years..."

Hotel Kaštel